On April 1, 2019, we added a pediatric department on the 2nd floor of the Takamatsu Imaging Clinic. I would like to be a pediatric department that plays a role in monitoring the health and growth of children from infants to elementary and junior high school students in the family. In addition to general medical examinations, we also have specialized outpatient clinics for thyroid disease, diabetes, and growth problems. Please contact us for allergies. In addition, if an inspection is required, we are equipped with various imaging tests such as X-ray, CT, MRI, and echo, as well as blood sampling, so we can respond quickly. Please feel free to contact us.
【General medical examination / Endocrine diseases (by appointment) / Vaccination, and infant health examination (by appointment) / Childcare nutrition consultation / Chinese medicine consultation】


  • 小児科 杉峯 貴文


    Mr. Zenichi Sakaguchi

    Health check-ups such as infant screening (4 months, 7 months, 10 months, 1 year old) and vaccination (regular vaccination, voluntary vaccination, self-inoculation) will be conducted in the afternoon.
    In general, pediatric outpatient clinics, we will carefully examine worries such as fever, nasal discharge, cough, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. For prolonged skin diseases, you can tie up with a pharmacist for easy skin care and proper ointment therapy. Specialties as specialists include lifestyle-related diseases (obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia, impaired glucose tolerance), diabetes (type 1, type II, borderline), thyroid diseases (Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease, thyroid) Over time, we aim to improve with children, such as growth) and growth disorders (short stature, skinniness). In addition, it can be expected that Herbal medicine are effective and effective immediately against various child complaints. We will propose treatment with appropriate herbal medicine.

    Director’s career

    • 1983- Graduated from Tokushima University School of Medicine
    • 2008- Takamatsu Red Cross Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Head of Second Pediatrics Department, Endocrinologist / Instructor (Pediatrics)
    • 2019- Worked at Takamatsu Imaging Clinic Pediatrics


Takamatsu Imaging Clinic Pediatrics considers the enhancement of medical facilities and incorporates various medical devices
for use in medical care. Here are some of them.
  • 受付


  • 待合室

    Waiting room

    This spacious and bright waiting room. We also disinfect the sofa every day and are working hard to prevent nosocomial infections.
  • キッズスペース

    Kids space

    hildren can wait in peace in the kids’ space.We also sanitize toys and picture books daily to ensure hygiene. 
  • 診察室

    Nursing room

    A fun atmosphere, and the treatment and measurement.
  • 授乳室

    Nursing room

    The breast-feeding and diaper changing, offers a private room./div>
  • アイチケットを導入

    Introduced iTicket

    Since this hospital has introduced an eye ticket only for pediatrics, those who return to the clinic can accept general medical examinations. Please use it as a waiting time measure.


  • Pediatrics

    General outpatient…Please feel free to contact us for any infectious diseases such as colds, allergies, or lifestyle related diseases of children. Various rapid tests are possible (influenza, RS, adeno, streptococcus, human meta, Noro, mycoplasma) General outpatients can visit the clinic without making a reservation.
    Specialty outpatient…Thyroid disease, diabetes, trouble of growth, tests such as enuresis, has conducted the treatment.
    Vaccination, infant medical examination…In addition to various routine vaccinations and voluntary vaccinations, we also accept vaccinations past the vaccination period. Infant medical examinations are conducted at 4 months, 7 months, 10 months, and 1 year old.
    Chinese medicine consultation…Such as abdominal pain, headache, loss of appetite, please consult the various complaints of children. We offer the appropriate herbal medicine.


Takamatsu diagnostic imaging clinic pediatrics


Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday, public holidays, Bon season and New Year holidays.
  • Phone number: 087-802-3030 (general phone)
  • Fax: 087-802-5507
  • Address: 2nd Floor, 2-483-322 Asahimachi-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa, 760-0065, Japan

Consultation time

Reception time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatSun
AM 9:00~12:30 General outpatient
  • General outpatient
  • Professional
  • General outpatient
  • (Ohashi doctor)
  • General outpatient
  • Professional
General outpatient Closed
PM 14:30~15:30
  • Vaccination
  • Infant screening
  • Vaccination
  • Infant screening
  • Vaccination
  • Infant screening
  • Vaccination
  • Infant screening
PM 15:30~18:00 Specialty outpatient
  • General outpatient
  • Chinese medicine consultation
Specialty outpatient
  • General outpatient
  • Chinese medicine consultation
※Saturday clinic is Hiromi Ohashi doctor in charge at irregular, reservation of general foreign and vaccination is also available. Medical care date, please confirm it has been posted on the website in the News section.
・Reservation is required for vaccination, infant medical examination, and specialized outpatient services.
・If you would like a general consultation on Monday and Thursday afternoons, please call us.

Medical appointment

General medical treatment reservations for this hospital can be made at iTICKET Plaza.
You can check the current number of people waiting for medical treatment, so please use it.


There is currently no recruitment