Types of breast cancer screening

There are three main types of breast cancer screening.
Since you will be naked at the time of the check-up, please wear clothes that are easy to remove only the upper body.​
  • Interview

    We will ask you about your age and menstrual conditions,pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding experience, and whether your family has cancer.

  • Mammography screening

    This is an examination that takes a picture of the breast with a dedicated X-ray machine.

    In our hospital, we will shoot in two directions: oblique and oblique (MLO) imaging, which compresses the breast from an angle, and head-to-tail imaging (CC), which compresses from above and below. Thick breasts are very difficult to see inside, so they need to be stretched thin and compressed. It is painful at this time, but it is very important because it makes it easier to see inside the breast and reduces the amount of radiation used. In addition, fine calcification that is difficult to see by echography can be copied.

  • Ultrasound screening (echo)

    This is a painless test that uses ultrasound to inspect the breast. Young women have many mammary glands, and mammography is difficult to distinguish between mammary glands and tumors, so it is used in conjunction with mammography. Although it is difficult to depict fine ​calcifications, you can closely observe the appearance of the breast and the mass.

Introduction of mammography equipment

  • マンモグラフィ機器 高松画像診断クリニック
    The staff will accompany you in shooting.
    Please relax as much as possible.
  • マンモグラフィ機器 高松画像診断クリニック
    Adjust the posture and pinch the breast firmly
    in the compression plate.
  • マンモグラフィ機器 高松画像診断クリニック
    Pressure may be painful.
    If the pressure is insufficient,
    the mass may not be projected.
  • マンモグラフィ機器 高松画像診断クリニック
    If the thickness is reduced by 1 cm, the radiation
    exposure will be reduced to about half.
  • マンモグラフィ機器 高松画像診断クリニック
    Shoot from different angles.

Introduction of ultrasound screening (echo) equipment

  • 受付
    In fact, inspection clothes are opened and inspected.
  • 待合室
    モWe will inspect while checking
    the video on the monitor.

If you would like to inspection, please contact us by phone.

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